Leads Generation

In year 2013, Google makes more money from ads than print media combined. It sums up the fact that reaching potential customers online is getting more important and also more effective compared to print medias. With the proliferation of cheap Android phones and mobile broadband, more and more people are connected online 24×7.
We specialized in search marketing campaigns, where we connect businesses with their potential customers who are searching for their products or services on Google. Unlike display advertising like Facebook ads, search marketing is more targeted towards audience who already has buying intention, and therefore the chances of closing a sales is higher.

In line with our vision of democratizing technology adoption, we offer competitive pricing package that is:

  • Affordable
  • Easy Monthly Subscription plan (no long term commitment)
  • Effective

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We helped a local accounting software reseller to ride on the heated concerns for GST in year 2014 and successfully captured more than 80 potential customers in 2 months time. The search marketing campaign generated positive ROI and has since become one of their main customer acquisition channel.

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leads acquired over 2 months
percent increase in sales

We helped a local kitchen cabinet manufacturer to promote 3 of their popular products via Google Adwords and had received an overwhelming response. In average, they received 1 new inquiriy everyday during the 3-month campaign period and successfully closed a few high value sales out of it.

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new lead / day over 3 months
percent increase in inquiries

A halal food manufacturer was looking for more distributors to sell their food products. In the beginning of the campaign the response was not really good. After some studies on the data, we suspect that the language of the landing page (English) might not be appealing to the target audience. We created another landing page in Malay and it had since improve significantly. During the 2-month period, the company received more than 70 inquiries in total and some are even from government organizations.

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leads acquired over 2 months