Customized Software

With the rise of various open source software components and the maturity of software development methodologies, having your own customized software that caters to your business needs is becoming more affordable. The benefits of having your own customized business software:
  • Automation of your business processes means cost and time saving
  • Elimination of human errors means improvement of work quality and efficiency

We provide free consultation before initiating any new project to assess whether or not having your own customized software is a cost-effective solution. In today’s world, there are many off-the-shelf or open source solutions that you may not know its’ existence and could well achieving your business objectives in lesser cost.

We specialized in developing web-based software that can be hosted online or on-site and accessible via any modern web browser. We have helped diversed ranged of businesses to automate their business processes in order to achieve cost saving and better work quality.

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Customized door manufacturing software solution that automates generation of production worksheets, customer invoices and statements. Previously it was all done manually on Microsoft Excel and involves a lot of manual repetitive inputs and prone to human error. It is estimated that the software saves 9-minutes of manual repetitive input works for each production in average, and reduce error rate by 90%. Up until December 2014, it is estimated to have save more than 3000 minutes in total.

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minutes saved per production
percent error rate reduction

Customized software solution for car workshop that integrates quotation, invoicing and memberships system. Previously quotation and invoicing are created manually using Microsoft Excel, and membership are not in place. It is estimated that the software saves 4 minutes for each quotation/invoice generated, and the membership system increase customer retention by 30 %. Up until today it is estimated to have saves more than 1000 minutes in total.

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minutes saved per invoice
percent increase in customer retention

Customized web based solution for property negotiators that integrates with their online property listing site to generate a short summary for each of their listing. These short summaries can then be broadcasted to their contacts via WhatsApp, WeChat or email.
Previously they have to manually summarize the listing before broadcast to their contacts. It is estimated that the solution saves them 6 minutes of typing for each of the listing they wish to broadcast.

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minutes saved per listing